Team .EXE

We are departmental team of Computer Science & Engineering Department for Techfest NIMBUS.
We are passionate about technology & our curiousity drives us towards the development of new things and taking new projects.

Why We are Different

Not always you can see past the veil of refined outputs.
Sometimes everything has to be put in a package and delivered as the ultimate result. We do that.
We are Team.EXE, We are the departmental team representing the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Annual Technical Extravaganza of NIT Hamirpur, Nimbus. Each year we strive to raise the bar for technical advancement and showcasing the best of Computer Science and Software Development for anyone to see. When it comes to projects, we take up projects that are helpful to the students and thus result in a smooth life for the students in the college; and we finish them using a corporate protocol of deadlines and online version control. Not only this, we organize many events on the actual three days of Nimbus, which are aimed to provide a fun-filled but still quite informative experience of what Computer Science has to offer. These events range from an online competitive coding competition to an offline debugging race, and a gaming competition too. The members of the team work equally hard to be able to brandish the projects as something they’ve contributed to as well as to be a source of unforgettable memories on the Nimbus through the onsite events. The team also gives any of the students that want to display any or all of their projects an opportunity to present their ideas and applications through the portal of Team .EXE, along with any guidance if required. Also, we aim to provide the freshers an outlook onto the world of programming and conduct many pre-nimbus workshops and classes for the first year, most recurrently Linux installation and command line.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Professional as well as Personal growth.
  • Achieve excellence in Team work.
  • Code_to_build();

What You Get

  • Experience of working on Creative Projects.
  • Ability to cope with real life problems using programing.

Our Ethics

  • We are Passionate
  • We are Creative
  • We are Developers