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  1. Guess the answer of the image shown and submit it in the result.
  2. Hints will be added periodically.One can view hints, to move to next level, if can't solve without it. No points will be deducted on viewing hints.
  3. Register as early as possible, late registration will leave you at a disadvantage.2 points will be deducted per day for each registration after 9 April.
  4. Download our Paradox App to generate your referral code and earn points by referring our app to your friends.Maximum 5 friends can use your referral code and you will be awarded 2 points for each successful referral and your friend will be awarded 1 point for using your referral code.
  5. No negative point on wrong attempts.
  6. The answers are case insensitive. you can also answer using camel case.
  7. The answer can have one or more words, separated by space.
    1. Some sample acceptable answers -
    2. Camel
    3. camel
    4. CaMeL
    5. kangra fort
    6. Kangra Fort
    7. KaNgRa FoRt
  8. For any query regarding the event, feel free to contact at [email protected]